My (Our) happy "Bordel" .. The place of my sanity

The surroundings of my new life is sometimes a bit messy but it is here where i feel most at ease ... the sort of place I have always felt at ease ... It is here where my heart is ... It is here where my happiness comes to fruition .. I just love to be part of it .. and of course it is where the love of my life is .... Pure Bliss!!

So i want to pay tribute to the guys/girls who invented the dish "Raclette":

Raclette (pronounced /rəˈklɛt/) is both a type of cheese and, informally, a dish featuring this cheese.

This is dish is absolutely delicious and with the right company even better .. Had a great evening with Michelle and Sandrine and some of our adopted kids .. and the Princess ... So with some real "Raclette cheese" especially imported from our last visit to Chamonix, we had a great and tasty Raclette in our small kitchen ;-)

Thanks to everyone for coming and for the great evening ... We had a great time and the Raclette "from Chamonix" was a sure hit!  Michelle: Thanks for coming it was great to see you again ... we have been missing you a lot! Wish to see you again soon ...
and Sandrine: We love you and thanks for having this eveining with us! T'es genial!

So unti the next time for a Fondue (another VERY nice dish), or a Raclette, let all the people far away drool away for this beautiful dish ..; Hehehehehehehe .. and if you want to taste it you better come and visit!


PS: To the Princess ..  I Love you +1 Cham Cham!!


J'adooooooooooooooooooore !!!!!!!!!!!... Et je t'adoooooooooooooooooooore !!!

I gotta get me one of those :-) hehe

ey Ivan,

This one is not bad ...

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